Six Reasons to Add Mobile Technology to Your Paintball Field

New program is designed to get players to fields and keep them coming back.

Constant Loyalty is a new mobile-based loyalty rewards company that is driven to help grow field play and encourage new players to join the game. Developed by Ron Goldblatt a long time marketing professional in the paintball industry, the new “Play Now” program was created with some of the top fields in the game to create a North American program to drive player participation. Constant Loyalty is part of the SMS Masterminds network with 150 locations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Mike Peverill from Pev’s Paintball stated, “This new program is exactly what every field needs. It combines mobile technology with the proven loyalty Return Pass and Player Pass programs and takes the How to Market Your Paintball Field book to a new level. This is truly the next big thing needed in paintball.” Other fields in or committed to the program include CPX Sports, Hell Survivors, Drop Zone Paintball and Flag Raiders in Canada.

CPX Loyalty Merchandising

The Six Reasons start with the popular Free Player Pass/Return Pass:

  1. A simple way to take advantage of the growing mobile trend
  2. Detailed analytics of all rewards, messages and broadcast
  3. Simple to use program with no apps, cards or downloads to worry about
  4. Positive player reaction to a program that does not require email or names.
  5. Being able to send out the right message at the right time to drive traffic
  6. Full service back-end support with all programs and messages automated


Ron Goldblatt, the owner of Constant Loyalty stated, “A field’s or Dealer’s customer database is their most important asset and mobile is the way to reach them effectively. Emails are good but open rates are declining, return passes work but they are usually lost or misplaced and new players are tough to reach. The solution is a loyalty program tied to text marketing with a 95% open rate.”

Constant Loyalty VIP Rewards program includes:

  1. Free electronic kiosk to capture player phone numbers on each visit
  2. Customized merchandising with personalized field keyword to build awareness
  3. Training for owner and staff to expand subscribers
  4. Ongoing monthly support with a network of 150 mobile specialists nationwide

As an introductory Quick Start offer there are no hardware fees, no long-term contracts, the set up fee has been reduced to $99 and the monthly fee is only $99. Plus, if you join now you will get unlimited messages for the remainder of 2014 at no cost for a database of players up to 1,000.

To learn more, email or call 1-888-510-2342. Only a select number of fields or dealers will be eligible for this Quick Start program. The Web site is located at

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Three reasons why you need re-look at your current loyalty program

New Loyalty and Mobil Marketing Programs Leads New Trend for Retailers

Constant Loyalty, announced they will be implementing a Shop Local campaign with the latest in mobile loyalty-marketing innovation for local North Shore Chicago merchants. Developed by the SMS Masterminds™ mobile/digital services division at SpendSmart Networks Inc. a publicly traded company (OTCQB: SSPC), this unique system’s technology enhances the business-consumer relationship by enabling these businesses to consistently reach and reward their customers—driving sales via text-message (SMS) coupons and promotions.

When a business enlists this technology, Constant Loyalty sets up a touch-pad kiosk on-site at each location so consumers can check-in during their visit, opting in for promotions, special events, sweepstakes, etc. Constant Loyalty maintains an ongoing collaboration to tailor this messaging, manage outreach and track results to apply to merchants’ ongoing marketing campaigns.

Olgas collageThe Constant Loyalty system has three unique advantages over many other loyalty programs out there today.

  • First it’s affordable for businesses of all sizes with a short turnaround time for seeing the return on investment,
  • Second, because we capture a phone number on each visit we can reach out to a business’s customers on a regular basis to bring them back more often.
  • Third, we do all the work and planning to provide each business an onsite manager to run the program so the business can focus on servicing their customers.

To ensure optimal success and increased loyal customers and revenue with the system, Ron Goldblatt the owner of Constant Loyalty is offering a “Quick Start” program that includes a free kiosk, no set up fees and no long term contracts to the first merchants who sign up to give these businesses an even greater initial advantage as they ramp up consumer outreach and campaigns.

Lukes pic 1

“It’s beneficial on all levels, from the customer receiving the deals to the specialist tracking merchant sales results,” Goldblatt said of the system’s capabilities. “We measure the success of each campaign and strategize upon those results, plus we will integrate the program into their social network so we can promote the Shop Local experience.”

About Constant Loyalty:

Constant Loyalty is part of more than (130) markets throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States in the SpendSmart Networks (OTCQB: SSPC). Headquartered in San Luis Obispo, Calif., the SpendSmart Networks Inc. loyalty rewards and mobile marketing system has successfully increased business-owners’ profits for over half a decade.

If you are interested in Constant Loyalty’s limited-time free digital kiosk offer or would like to enroll in the program this month, visit their web site at or by email at